Tracker Cross FAQ

Spectator Info:
Q: Where is this bad ass race?
A: It will be located at Milestone MX park 
12685 Holly St N, Riverside, CA 92509
Q: When is Tracker Cross?

 A: Oct 20-21


Q: How Much is it? 

 A: $10 gate entry to watch. $20 with concert included 


Q: How much to "OVERNIGHT" park?

 A: $20 per vehicle for both days


Q: How do you sign up? 

 A: Online now or at the event


Q: Are kids and animals welcome?

 A: Yes, kids are more than welcome. Kid Friendly Event. Animals on leash only. Loose animals are dangerous with racing and bikes.


Q: Can I bring a camper van, trailer tent? 

 A: Yes, there is plenty of space to bring the party rigs


Racer Info:

Q: How much is it to race?

A: depends on the class, 20-50 each class


Q: What do I need to race?

 A: Helmet, gloves, Pants, Boots, & long sleeve 


Q: How will the races go:

 A: One heat race to determine your grid position. 


Q: How many trophies are there?

 A: Each class gets 1st, 2nd,  3rd.